Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z is for Zager and Evans

I'm feeling a bit sad that we've got to Z - it's the end of this year's Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I suppose I should feel a sense of satisfaction that I've made it thus far. Also, and MOST importantly, it's brought me closer to the date when I am reunited with herself. Yes, I am counting the days. I hope that those of you who came to my blog because of the A to Z Challenge will continue to visit. I've certainly seen other blogs that I intend to keep reading. It's been fun and, it's early days admittedly, but I couldn't rule out doing it again.

However, that's very much for the future and the future was the main concern of the one hit that Zager and Evans had. One hit is all you need if it sticks in people's minds and In The Year 2525 definitely stuck in my youthful mind in 1969. The single reached the number one slot at the time of the first manned moon landing, how much more memorable do you need something to be? A cautionary tale of what might happen if mankind becomes too dependent on modern technology, the single still has some relevance, I guess, although where would the A to Z Challenge be without "modern technology"?

Anyway, 2525 was one of those songs that made an impression although I couldn't have necessarily told you who sang it. As a result, it was only when I was researching likely candidates for my Z posting that I came up with Zager and Evans. Sorry, guys. Thanks to Wikipedia I can tell you that Zager and Evans continued to record after releasing 2525, but with limited success. Their follow-up single, Mr Turnkey, was about a rapist who nails his own wrist to the jail wall as an act of atonement. Interesting, as we Brits say when we very often mean the complete reverse.

Also-rans: I love the thumping power of some ZZ Top singles which for some reason reminds me of Thatcherism. Mrs Thatcher rocking out to Gimme All Your Lovin' - it seems unlikely, doesn't it? Also a very honourable mention to Warren Zevon. I am always receptive to a good song, as I've said before, and he's been responsible for lots of good songs, not least Werewolves Of London. Oh, and let's not forget Frank Zappa. I'm really going to miss doing this...


  1. Hey, you found a ton of Z's!

    I have really enjoyed the music and the memories. I hope you and your brown eyed girl find your way back to a sunny rock in the Aegean (if that's what you want). Even though you probably will never write about beads, I'll continue following nonetheless :-)

    Congratulations on a job well done!!!

    1. Bless you and thank you. I'm going to keep dropping by at your blog to see what's going on in the world of beads and as for me not writing about beads...never say never.

  2. Great song! It instantly transports me back to 1969, which was a pivotal year. So glad I discovered your blog through the A-Z. I will definitely keep in touch. Cheers!
    Debbie @The Doglady's Den

    1. Επίσης. I've had a lot of fun doing this and I'm delighted that people have enjoyed it and that it has enabled me to "meet" new people.

  3. Good ending, I am catching up, and I am subscribed so will visit, sometimes I read directly from my e-mail and do not comment. Fun ending and congrats on completing. I like the 2525 song...All the best and who knows maybe in the 2015 challenge?

  4. Lovely to find you ... I went for Z songs too .... I hadn't thought of any of yours though ... didn't realise there were so many out there lol .... I'm going to follow along here to hear about life in Greece. Visiting from the A to Z road trip
    (my link hasn't been working too well over the last week of the challenge, but here's hoping anyway)
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  5. ooh have to check out Stevie Winwood ... and I did a Van the man one as well lol Sounds like we have similar tastes in music lol


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