Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y is for Neil Young

Y is, as you'll have seen, for Neil Young, but it could just as easily be for "Ye gods, we've nearly made it". I'm running on fumes at this stage and I've struggled a little bit to come up with a Y reference that also triggers a memory.

However, sometimes a great bit of writing will just fix a song in your memory and so it is with Neil Young's After The Gold Rush. I love the song and the album of the same name.

It's one of those songs you listen to and go "Yeah, I mean, yeah, like...er...you know". And then you could reasonably go, "but what on earth is it all about?" A little trawl on the internet will come up with a variety of explanations from people who also like the song, but find it leaves them a little baffled.

I have absolutely no intention of trying to come up with my version of what the song means, if, indeed, it means anything. Who cares? Does it matter? Sometimes liking something for those reasons you keep in your head and your heart is more than enough.

As I write this I am listening to the album and I'm torn about which song's video to include in the post, but I suppose it really can only be After The Gold Rush.

Also-rans: This is somewhat tenuous. I once met former Yes keyboard player Rick Wakeman on the Lundy supply ship, the Oldenburg. He was accompanied by his wife at that time, the former model Nina Carter. He was a nice bloke to talk to, but I was busy just trying my hardest not to stare too obviously at Nina Carter. Strangely enough it used to be possible to buy a tea towel which had on it a picture of Rick Wakeman and Nina Carter.

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  1. Neil! One of the great Canadian musical icons of all time. ☺ He was on my concert "Bucket List" and we finally got there in November 2012. An unforgettable night it was, too. I have no idea what that song means, but I love it. "There was a band playing in my head".


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