Monday, 7 April 2014

F is for Fleetwood Mac

Here we are jogging along nicely in to week two of the A to Z Challenge in which I am writing about music and the seemingly random memories it can throw up.

It occurs to me that so far little of what I've written about reflects my musical tastes, but then as I keep pointing out this is about memories as much as music. This particular memory features Captain Dim, a real person, I assure you.

So, Fleetwood Mac and principally their gazillion-selling LP Rumours. I don't mind them and I quite, but only quite, like the LP. However, play the album on the slightly tinny sound system of a very tinny Ford Escort - this was in 1979 - as you drive around Sheffield desperately trying to look cool and the music becomes so much better.

The Ford belonged to Captain Dim, someone who lived in the same seedy lodging house as me and my friend, Brian. I think Captain Dim's real name was Roger, but he definitely had Captain Dim on the toolbox he used to take to work. Anyway, he lent us his car while he was away for a while and we charged around in it listening to Rumours. There is a certain dissonance between Sheffield in the late 1970s and the California rock of Fleetwood Mac, but that didn't stop us having a good time - and then the car broke down. Story of my life all over.

Nobody needs to see a video of Fleetwood Mac so instead here is some video featuring someone called Captain Dim. Not the same one from all those years ago, but a very athletic substitute.

Also-rans: Four Tops singing Reach Out, I'll Be There. Just reminds me of being dragged around Chatham town centre by my gran while she went shopping. An utterly great song to be dragged around to.

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  1. apparently the Rumours album was the most stolen album of all time. I have owned it seven times in various formats but it disappears. Luckily I have it on my computer now but...I can't find it.

    1. Maybe that's what led to so many copies being sold. It was people replacing their stolen albums.

  2. Great topic for the letter 'F' :)

    Finley Jayne

  3. Ah, Fleetwood Mac. Brings back memories from when I was a kid, staying with my sister when I was about 10 or 11. She almost named her youngest daughter Rhiannon (can't remember which album that's on) but they decided to name her Reanna instead.

    Keep talking about the music! It's awesome!

  4. I think it's interesting how music has changed over the years. If you listen to older music on modern sound systems (in cars, through earbuds, etc.), it sounds tinny...but back then it sounded awesome!

  5. Cruising with music blaring, what a great way to waste time! I think I broke my brother's 8-track of Rumours. My husband still has the vinyl. 1977. Oh to be young and dumb again. Nobody has a sexy voice like Stevie Nicks. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :-) I'm wondering what long lost memories you will conjure next.
    Liz at Bead Contagion

  6. Yes, what a trip down memory lane. Reminds me of high school times. Such a great album, Rumors!

    Stopping by from the A to Z
    Marie at

  7. This is my kind of theme. I'm doing something similar on the blog I'm linking below. In fact every year I've done a music theme for A to Z on one of my blogs.

    I liked all the incarnations of Fleetwood Mac, but my favorite is when they had Bob Welch in the group.

    I''ll have to check out more of your posts. I've also added myself as a follower to this blog.

    Hope you'll check out my A to Z series at:
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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