Saturday, 12 April 2014

K is for the Kinks

This is a bit tricky because there's no specific memory that I can pin to the Kinks, but I do get a sense of my Englishness from them. It's Englishness that has nothing to do with jingoism and everything to do with a sense of almost whimsy mixed up a bit with melancholy.

There are any number of Kinks numbers that deserve a mention but I've picked Waterloo Sunset because it's a beautiful song laced through as it is with great wistfulness. This bit of video is a bit murky, but don't forget it was Britain in the 1960s, we'd only just got electricity.

Also-rans: There's nothing wrong in being an also-ran to the Kinks especially if you are the late Kirsty MacColl. She did a beautiful version of Days. If I listen to both these songs back-to-back I get quite emotional and have to take a long walk with the dog, preferably in the rain.


  1. I like so many of your choices for your posts.
    The Kinks
    Fleetwood Mac
    The Eagles.
    All excellent musical choices.

    Heather M. Gardner
    The Waiting is the Hardest Part
    Stormy's Sidekick
    Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Co-Host

    1. I'm glad you like some of the choices. They're not all my favourites, but they do bring about certain memories.

  2. WoW! You may not have a memory associated with this song but it brought back a wonderful memory for me so I have to say thanks!! This was on a mix tape made for me when I was about 19 by an "older man" I loved during college so this memory is bittersweet and fantastic simultaneously. Ahhhh to be 19 again. Thanks!! is me :-)

    1. "Music, moody food of love" as Shakespeare said (I think). I'm not sure about being 19 again, all that taking life too seriously.


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