Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Escape from the goatshed

I wouldn't want you to think I'm obsessed by the weather, but it's been cold, wet and generally miserable for the last few days.

Yesterday, we had snow - not much, I grant you, but as a rule I don't "do" snow, or rain, for that matter. Consequently, we've been hunkered down in the goatshed for three or four days and today we're going to emerge blinking in to the light, whatever the weather.

We need to get in some food and some other supplies, otherwise we'd probably stay close to the fire because the forecast for today suggests that the Force 6 northerly wind will give us a wind-chill of -4C. Some of you may be muttering "wimp" when I use this as a reason why I'd like to stay indoors, but cold is cold as far as I'm concerned.

I should point out that we don't really live in a goatshed - it's actually a very nice little house - although we quite often have goats wandering across the land. They are NOT welcome visitors and while it is sweet to see the babies, goats in general can be quite destructive. They are browsers rather than grazers so are quite keen on tucking in to our landlord's lovingly tended olive trees. Bad goats.

GOATS: These aren't on our land so are good goats.

I was a bit stuck for some music to go with this and was surprised how many songs have had goats making odd noises added to the song video. Anyway, because we're heading out for the first time in a few days I've chosen Steppin' Out  by Joe Jackson. Our trip out will be nothing like as sophisticated as the video, but it's a good song.

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