Thursday, 30 May 2013

Busy, busy, busy in a not very busy way

It was someone's "law" that said the amount of work expands to fill the time available so even when I'm not very busy I still feel that my days are full.

That has been even more the case this week because I've been taking part - only in a small way - in the first Skopelos Music Festival, which all seems to be going very well and about which I will write more later. In addition, a friend who drives back and forth to Greece from the UK carrying goods has been here for a while waiting for his van to be fixed. I keep pointing out to him that waiting for a repair here has got to be better than being stuck at the side of the M62 in pouring rain, but I suppose he'd prefer not to be waiting anywhere. While he's here, I've been trying to help him get a few things sorted out.

If that doesn't sound as if I'm very busy, well believe me, as far as I'm concerned I'm being rushed off my feet AND there are also the kittens to consider. Mimi and Daisy are coming on in leaps and bounds (literally) and somehow I have found the time to film them larking about. It's quite a long film considering it's just them jumping about, but once I started I found it difficult to stop so it could have been even longer.

What's that other thing people say...? Oh yes, if you want something doing, ask a busy person. Well ask away and I'll try to fit you in to my busy schedule. But first, enjoy the film. (We interrupt this posting to tell you that owing to technical difficulties beyond our control we cannot bring you this film. Instead here is a picture of Merkel and her kittens doing nothing because it is so hot. We apologise. Normal service will be resumed one day, maybe).

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